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喜欢时尚和珠宝?曾经想开始 一家家庭企业? Becoming a 斯特拉& Dot Stylist 可能适合您。这有几个原因 非常适合没有时间从事传统工作的忙碌妈妈:

You can be 您r own boss:

You choose the hours; 您 call the shots. How much 您 work is up to 您, with no minimum requirements. Work during naptime, during school hours, vacations, etc.

赚取收入& freebies:

好吧,我承认:免费赠品是最大的激励!造型师可以 赚取25%– 35%的销售佣金,以高达50%的折扣购物,并获得大量的产品和福利。

训练& support:

开办企业可能会让人感到不知所措。用 斯特拉& Dot, help is always available. Join a community of strong and supportive women who want to see 您 succeed.





Social Butterflies will love hosting small and large events. Most Stylists make the highest dollars per hour here, so if 您’re a “people person,” try it.


Take the party 上line 通过 collaborating with a friend. You provide the posts she can share with her network, and 您 both earn as they shop through 您r 上line boutique.

另外,在17年4月30日之前注册的任何人都将获得价值450美元的免费配件。而且还不止这些:获得$ 1000美元 前30天内的销售额 you’ll receive an 另外200美元的免费配件和250美元的现金佣金!

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